Business Development Support for Chemical Companies

Spectronomic BV operating since 2003 was established mainly as a business development support company for small and medium enterprises (SME)  in the Catalyst Industry. But  also  Chemical Companies not working in the Catalyst Industry have made use of our services.

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Director and owner of Spectronomic BV is Jan van Poppelen who started the company in 2003. In the period before 2003 he was working for Engelhard (now BASF) and ICI Synetix (now Johnson Matthey). He has more than 25 year’s experience in the global Catalyst Industry and in particular with heterogeneous base metal and precious metal catalysts. Areas of expertise: General Management, Business Development, Catalyst Marketing and Sales, Catalyst and Application Development. Spectronomic BV has excellent contacts and hands-on industry experience in the following industries in Europe, and in particular in the Benelux and Germany.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fine Chemical
  • Chemical and Chemical Intermediate
  • Oleochemical
  • Polymer and Coating

Companies represented by Spectronomic BV


Spectronomic BV is the exclusive agent for Chimet precious metal catalysts and refining for the Benelux and Germany

Chimet is producing the full range of precious metal catalysts on carbon and oxidic supports for slurry phase and fixed bed applications. Unsupported catalysts (palladium and platinum oxides, etc.) are also available, as well as salts and metal compounds (palladium chloride, palladium acetate, etc.) which are used in homogeneous catalysis. As catalyst manufacturer, refiner and metal trader Chimet is offering a full loop service

Spectronomic BV is the exclusive agent for Hybrid Catalysis

Custom Synthesis & Screening

Hybrid Catalysis B.V. was founded in 2005 to offer cost effective and highly competitive catalysis R&D. A laboratory was established at Eindhoven The Netherlands, providing synthesis and catalyst screening services. Hybrid Catalysis is capable of making any catalyst homogeneous or heterogeneous and of scale up to typically kilogram quantities. Hybrid Catalysis has the equipment for screening under industrial conditions.

Proprietary catalysts

Own development relates to 20 years of pioneering work involving metal silsesquioxanes. These well defined materials are available for transesterification, epoxydation, olefin metathesis, polymerization and many fine chemical applications.

PTG EindhovenSpectronomic B.V. is supporting PTG/e with their business development activities.

PTG/e is an independent research institute working within the total area of polymers and plastics, and is recognized as a knowledge institute by the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) and Agentschap NL (former SenterNovem). Within PTG/e the entire Chain of Knowledge in the area of plastics is present: synthesis (from monomer to polymer), processing (of granulate to end product), and characterization (both chemically and physically). Core activity is (applied) research , not only for larger R&D projects, but also for smaller projects, e.g., analytical support for solving manufacturing problems, suitability of (new) materials, modification of product formulations, mechanical testing, etc.